Monday, September 29, 2008

If I Were Obama's Debate Coach...

This is what I'd say:

1) Don't sneer at McCain's absurdities. Snicker and shake your head, giving him an occasional, "There you go again, John."

2) Take the opportunity to run a litany of McCain flip flops. Start with, "You recently said 'The Fundamentals of the economy are strong,' then you turned around and said they were a in complete shambles" You couldn't tell the difference between Shia and Sunni when we're embattled in a war in Iraq. You've needed Joe Leiberman at your side to correct your misstatements regarding Al Qaeda and Iran. I'm sorry John, but you are out of touch and another Republican presidency would be disastrous for this entire country!" (See for reference: )

3) Regarding judgment, attack him: "John, look at your judgment. When you were scared that picking an experienced Republican nominee for VP would be risky, you took an even bigger risk for this country and nominated a complete unknown, both to the American people and to you." (Add a few more zingers here.) "How can we trust your ability to govern, John? Are you going to take the same risks with policy decisions? Are you planning another administration embroiled in a permanent campaign?"

To be continued...

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